Winter Pants for Women

For runners and joggers, the snow-covered sidewalks and sub-zero temperatures are a challenge than an obstacle. Still, going out in the bitter cold is not easy. Our leggings keep you in top form and let you make the most of the winter. It’s the wear you need to weather cold and for best running performance.

Our leggings are fleece lined and block the wind from reaching the skin. The difference lies in the fabric. It has the correct mix of Polyester and Spandex, which makes it stretchable. The fleece lining ensures that you don’t stop running in the harshest of the winter. The freezing air would not come into contact with the legs or the body. Our compression leggings siphon the sweat and the moisture away from the body, keeping you dry and warm.
Athletes know that their muscles are less flexible when they train during winter. It is due to cold surroundings and the heat lost from the legs. Besides feeling warm in winter, you are less likely to suffer from muscle pulls and strains. Our high waist winter pants ensure super flexibility in the legs.
Our compression leggings are body-hugging, and these keep the muscles warm even in the coldest temperature. It helps to prevent strains and pulls. Use our leggings for the circulation of blood and optimal performance in cold temperatures.
Our high waist, tummy tucking, fleece-lined leggings are meant for every wardrobe. These are available in various sizes. Wear them the desired way. Leave the legging exposed or cover them with a cloth. Use a skirt, shorts, or a large T-shirt, sweatshirt, or fully covered with outerwear. Our high waist winter pants are very soft and keep the legs warm even in a severely cold climate. Made from premium fabric they are available in your size too!